SMC Version 1.0 B004.256CDG + Sansa View 8GB Problem

Hi to all the good people here.

I just got my View player as a gift, and am trying to  load some videos on it.

So, after installing SMC and restarting, I connect my View player and start the SMC.

What happens is that the player is not recognized by the software, and so I can’t do anything video/picture related.

Tried calling the support - They’re helpless and hopeless :cry:

On the SMC screen I get, in the Information section, instead of my device, an exclamation mark inside a triangle.

I tried the View in MSC and Auto-Detect USB modes - Same thing happens.

Any help?

Try keeping the software open, unplug your Sansa, and reconnect it.

Be patient, it’s slow to recognize the player even on my fairly decent system. (1.8Ghz DuoCore, 3GB RAM)

Thanks for your answer.

However, I personally had it up to here with this piece of software.

But good news :smiley: - I have found a work-around.

I use Format Factory to convert my movies into MP4, with video size 320X240 and 512 Bitrate, and it is working fine.

No more SMC for me.

Does this work?!?!

Can you really just use Format Factory without having to process the video through SMC?

@kawkaz wrote:

Thanks for your answer.

However, I personally had it up to here with this piece of software.

But good news :smiley: - I have found a work-around.

I use Format Factory to convert my movies into MP4, with video size 320X240 and 512 Bitrate, and it is working fine.

No more SMC for me.

Doesn’t work even in the slightest for me on my e200 v1.

MP4 videos are not the same format as the files SMC creates- my player doesn’t even SEE the Format factory movie I converted. 

And it won’t run on Rockbox either.

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so all players referenced here are the View and e200. how about the FUZE?? does anyone here have a workaround for it besides SMC and WinAVI?

The SMC video conversion and transfer software is a piece of ■■■■!  It crashes often and is agonizingly slow.  If you have a Sansa View (which is a really nice unit, of which I own the 16GB version and enjoy much), I suggest that you do the following…

First download and install a free and easy to use video file conversion software called “Format Factory” at the following link:

Since the Sansa View supports MP4 files, you will need to use Format Factory to convert your video files (if not already in MP4 format) into MP4 files, then copy the MP4 video files over to the “Video” folder in the Sansa View using (and within) Windows Explorer.  Windows Explorer will recognize (“see”) the Sansa View as another USB MSC (Mass Storage Class) device, as long as you set the View’s USB connection as a MSC device.


Here’s what has worked and is working for me:


1. Go to the [View] player’s Settings menu and under the “USB Mode” menu set the player to MSC mode.  This will set the player to be recognized by Windows Explorer as a USB storage device; the player will show up as a new drive listed as “Sansa”, or the micro SD expansion card as another drive as “Expansion: x”, with x being the logical drive letter assigned by Windows.


2. Install and use the Format Factory software to convert your video files into MP4 files as follows:

3. Select and use the “Mobile Device\PSP\Phone” tool (on the left hand side).

4. Select “All to Compatible MP4” tool.  A new window will pop up.

5. Click “Add File”.  Then find and add the appropriate video file(s) you want to convert, and click “Open”.  You can select and add more than one file to convert – the program can perform batch conversions.  You will see the file(s) added into the file window to the left.

6. Click “Output Setting” (do not click “OK” yet since you will need to set the conversion settings for the appropriate converted video specs in order for the file to be played on the Sansa).

In the Profile dialog box (upper left) select and click “Custom”.

7. Check to make sure of the following settings; change if needed by clicking on the appropriate Setting Value boxes (a drop-down menu arrow will appear and will give you various choices) and change the settings for the following:


Video Size = 368 x 208 for widescreen format, or 352 x 240 for Standard (TV) format.  If your video looks squished or stretched, try other settings

FPS = 30

Bitrate = 384

Video Encode = MPEG4

Keep Aspect = NO

Audio Sample Rate = 44100

Bitrate = 128

8. Click “OK”

9. Click the “Start” button on the tool bar up above.  It takes about 35 to 45 minutes to convert a full-length Hollywood movie.

10. After the video has finished converting, the program will place the MP4 video file in a folder named “FFOutput” in the “My Document” folder of your PC.


11. Connect the Sansa player to your PC using the USB connector.


12. Click the “My Documents” icon on your PC.


13. Go to the FFOutput folder, find the appropriate MP4 file, and copy the file to the Sansa player in the “Video” folder, or the Sansa’s expansion card (but first make sure you create a “VIDEO” folder on the expansion card).


14. When you disconnect the View from your PC, let the player refresh its database.  This may take a few seconds to a minute or two depending on how much contents you’ve just transferred.


15. Then go to the video section, watch, and enjoy.

Good luck!

It appears that there is no current work arounds for the e200 series players.  And don’t know much about the Fuze.  But if you have a View, the previous post work around works great!  Sure wish Sansa would come up with a better conversion/transfer software, however.

Good luck!

I refuse to submit to the Apple elitist!


I have the answer to your problem with either the Sansa View and the Sansa Fuze…both work the same way…

I own both and had the same problem so here’s what you do.

You must have quicktime

direct 9.0c drive and k-lite codec downloaded before the Sansa Converter will work!

Go to for free downloads for direct 9.0 drive and k-lite codec 4.4.5 full

Took me hours to find this site but once I downloaded them my videos worked perfect!

And as for the micro sd cards…Sandisk told me they only hold music!!!

By the way the Sansa view will hold 12 movies!

Hope this helps.


This looks promising. Does anyone know - does this work for the Fuze?

The View, despite its quirks, has a different Austria Microsystems processor, plus the NVIDIA chipset.  This allows it to feed on many types of video via drag and drop.

The Fuze and e200v2 are essentially the same beast in terms of video, they require avi format via the Sansa Media Converter or the Rhapsody 4 client.  The video container requirements are quite narrow, working with DivX integrated.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I just recently bought a couple of the e200 series Sansas. Looking at the manual/user guide I was disappointed to see that the videos or photos put onto the microSD expansion cards would not be read by these players.  So I downloaded the manual for the Sansa View and saw that there was an explanation of the way to put videos onto the expansion card, therefore, the view would recognize these videos.

I went and bought a View, put a video onto a microSD card, slid it into the slot and…

the player told me it was the wrong format.  Searching for info I found this site.  Using the parameters provided by Kawkaz above (video size 320X240 and 512 Bitrate) I used OJOsoft Total Video Converter on a couple of videos and it worked like a charm.  On the OJOsoft these parameters are equivalent to the format for the Microsoft Zune - normal quality setting. I will later try some higher quality setting, just to find out what can be done.  In truth, in the Sansa View, the “normal quality” looks pretty good.

In conclusion, just wanted to set clear: The Sansa View will see the videos on the microSD expansion card.  Probably photos as well, but I have not tried that. 

My thanks to Kawkaz and to Pirate812