SMC will not recognize my Sansa View

As per the subj.  I have not tried to frig with MTP/MSC modes yet, and don’t think I should have to for this thing to work, given that the manual doesn’t even discuss the modes at all.

Any Ideas?  I use XP2 and View firmware 01.01.06a.

I’ve looked here and under the view forum, and hav’nt found a solution yet other than use something else.  I didn’t buy a Sansa product to have to use third party software to perform what should be a native function.

As much as we SHOULDN’T have problems with Sansa’s software, we do.

Are you able to copy files to/from the Sansa?

It seems to work best for me by starting up SMC, THEN connecting the Sansa (in MSC mode,) and waiting for it to be recognized by Windows then SMC…

I went to the settings on the MP3 player and I do not have a USB option anywhere.  I have the Sansa e250r. 

What I’m trying to do is put photos on it but the Sansa Media Converter but it says “No Available Palyer.  Please connect your player”.  Any advice?

Do you have the version downloaded from the website 4.220? If not, it will NOT work with the View. You can find the newest SMC at