SMC Install Failure

I am attempting to install the latest Sansa Media Converter. The file I downloaded is SMC-4.220.

The package extracts and starts the installer but errors out 3 times before dumping out.

  1. Internal Failure - Error Number: 0x80040707 Description:

  2. Internal Failure - Error Number: 0x80040707 Description:

  3. Severe - Error: loading DirectX DLL (0x0100)

After the last error - the setup program ends.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am having the same problem did you ever get it fixed?

me too i got this problem… i don’t know how to fix it so i can’t convert my video… please help me

Ive been trying to download smc-4.236 and it wants me to find some layout.bin thing for it that does not exist on my computer because I HAVNT DOWNLOADED THE FREAKING PLAYER. It seems as though I wouldnt have this program on my computer unless I had downloaded it which is, of course, what I am trying to do.

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Did you guys download from Sandisk directly or from another website? I downloaded from here and didn’t get any problems 

Firewire update might not have been finished