SMC "Internal Failure" on Install

Using Vista Home Premium with SP1. I had SMC working without a hitch the other day, then did a reinstall of my system for various unrelated reasons. Now when I download the SMC installer and run it (both by double-clicking and “as administrator” ) I am given the following errors:

Internal Failure. Error Number: 0x80040707

Internal Failure. Error Number: 0x80040707

ERROR: loading DirectX DLL (0x0100)

This same issue was posted about previously, but no solution was ever given. I have tried downloading the SMC installer again, in case it was corrupted, but get the same result.

Since originally posting, I have restarted, reinstalled DirectX, and installed Quicktime (which, in another post, seems to be necessary for SMC to run – or not?). Still recieving the same errors.

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