Error while trying to execute the "SansaUpdaterInstall.exe"

I get a error of: “System error: Extracting Libraries Failed.”

I don’t neet this file for the updated firmware, I updated that manually.

I neet it to install the Sansa Media Converter.

Does anyone know why this error occurs or is there an other way to install the SMC?

Thank you for your help. Hopefully this will answer your question.

You can only get the SMC prog from Sansa Updater. They used to have a direct link, but it’s dead. May be one of the mods here can provide you with a new link.

Frankly, you aren’t missing much. The SMC prg is a very bad converter. Audio & video won’t sync, and the Fuze has to be connected the whole time. If you have enough computer experience to do a DVD rip (and create an AVI) on your own,  then either use the automated method via Video4Fuze, or the manual method in another thread. The manual method is more effort, but also more flexible if you want to change things.