Can't Install Sansa Updater.

I have a Fuze 8gb but I have been unable to install the Sansa Updater, and more importantly, SMC. I download the file “SansaUpdaterInstall” from the website…and nothing happens. If I’m lucky I would get an error message that says “Can’t Open OLE!”. I have tried many ways to do this, even turning off my firewall but nothing seems to work. Any help will be appreciated. I have Windows 7.


Try running video4fuze. Another user wrote the program and other have had success.

I have tried video4fuze but doesn’t seem to work in Windows 7. I have made several searches about my problem. What I had found is that the Updater is a nag-ware but that you could download SMC without it. But how? Where can I download it? I have searched many places and they all say that I need the updater in order to install SMC. Someone provided a link to download SMC directly, but the link was broken.

Thanks for the help! 

This just changed recently. The Updater became necessary so that the number of SMC downloads could be tracked. I know someone posted it on a third party file hosting site but I dont know which one or where to find the link off hand. I would try deleting everything haveing to do with the updater on your computer and then redownload and try to install it.

Now, when I try to do that, it tells me it can’t delete the program because it is in use…but I can’t see it anywhere, not even opening the Task Manager… 

I deleted all sansa files, and when I dowloaded the Updater, it gave me the same error message “Can’t open OLE!”. I have no idea what that means.

Thanks for the help. 

I tried video4fuze and run it in Xp compatibility and it works perfectly. Thanks!

y can t i update my mp3

@371 wrote:

y can t i update my mp3

y can t u say it in english so someone can understand u & give more details about ur player, ur firmware version, wat u’ve tried, etc?

You don’t even need the Updater. You can manually update the firmware by choosing your player from the list in this post and following the link.