Can't install Sansa Firmware Updater

Hi! I have a Sansa Fuse 4 GB, and every time I try to install Sansa Firmware Updater, it fails after registering the product. Every other step completes perfectly, but once I get to the registering step, it fails. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit. Please Help!!

Don’t bother with it; just manually install the updates. Instructions are always listed in the update post. It takes less time than installing the Updater & updating that way.

Besides, every time you connect your player to your computer, the Updater will phone home searching for new updates. With the average time between updates at 3 months or more, the main result of havig the Updater being installed on your system is little more than nag-ware.


Never mind, I figured it out. But what is a good program to replace SMC? I’ve tried Any DVD converter and vid4fuze so don’t recommend those