Sansa Firmware Updater doesn't get installed


I’ve tried to install the Sansa Firmware Updater several time, but it failed every time. I am running 32-bit Windows 7. Have run SansaUpdaterInstall.exe as administrator but to no avail. Any advice?


can you let us know exactly what error you are getting? a screen shot would help as well. 

I’ve created a video recording of the installation process. Please download it at: (choose the free downloading option, of course).

Somehow I marked a reply as a solution in the wrong thread. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe I closed the wrong browser tab, insidentally. Is there a way to undo marking a reply as a solution?

I just watched your video. I did had that problem with my Win7 PC. What I did is disabled Windowds Defender and my Anti virus. Im not sure tho which of the two was blocking the installation. Just make sure to enable those two back once you have successfully installed the software. :wink:

Also if you want to install Sansa Firmware updater just to update the firmware, you can always just do the manual update. If you are using a Fuze or Fuze+ and you want to get the Sansa Media Converter through the updater, just use Video4Fuze :wink:

Thanks, Jamieson. I just want the firmware. But I think SanDisk people should fix their installer so that it could be installed without disabling anything.

same problem with win 7 - 64 bit.  fails when attempting to register.  I turned off the router firewall and PC antivirus, ran as admin.  still fails

Thanks a lot all I want is the firmware! Thanks sandisk! :smiley: 

Sandisk hasn’t fixed this problem. 
I have the identical problem as mentioned by the poster in February 2011 and it is late December 2011.

Support had the same response, update manually.

Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to do that on the webpage support linked.

I guess sandisk just doesn’t want to fix the problem which doesn’t say much about the company.

I guess they don’t think people will return their product for a refund and quit buying sandisk products.

Dr. Lucky, 

The guy gave you a link to a video and you never replied. 

What horrible support is that? 

@returnedproduct wrote:

Dr. Lucky, 


The guy gave you a link to a video and you never replied. 

What horrible support is that? 

Afaik this is no support forum. Btw i cant load the video seems to me it’s gone…

Fwiw i always use the manual way,nbd. But i am using linux so there is no updater for me anyway.