SMC Converter Doesnt Download

It gets to the setup, seems to be running fine.

Then it says it could not unpack files, continues for a little bit… Then says “Sansa Media Converter has encoutered a fatal error”  and the setup closes.

I have been trying to download this program for a month, and it just doesnt want to work on my laptop.

Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks guys.

What Operating System are you useing?

I’m using Windows Vista.

I finally downloaded it successfully, but it takes forever.

I waited almost 2 hours, and the movie I was putting on my fuze was still at 0%.

Is it supposed to be this slow?

No, it’s not. Where are you getting the SMC .zip file from, the Sansa Support web-site or here on the forum? Others have had problems with the one from the support site, where the one here on the forum worked for them. You may want to try it. :wink:

Most have found they need to first run their video or movie through another conversion program before letting the SMC have at it. And of course a lot depends on the source and/or format of the movie? Is it from a DVD, or download? What is the format or extension of the file(s)? (.vob, avi, mov, wmv, etc.)