SMART error on X100 drives


I have a couple of OEM SSD X100, and some of them have an issue with a SMART attribute.

Model : SanDisk SD5SB2-128G-1006E
Firmware : 10.06.06
ID = B8 (184) End-to-End Data Errors Corrected

Current = 93

Worst = 93

Threshold = 97

RawValues = 7

The problem is this cause almost every SMART application to trigger a warning about bad condition of the drive, also Windows has a service watching for SMART attributes changing and is buggying me with this message:

What can I do about? Is this safe to ignore? Can anyone help interpreting this SMART attribute?

I think that’s an issue waiting to blow up. Make sure to back up your files first and run check disk. 


I would suggest to install the ssd dashboard or crystal disk info to see all the smart attributes of the drive and the generall health status of the drive. if you see there that there are errors on the smart attributes then you should backup your data and request a replacemend of the drive because its about to fail.

Good luck.