Dashboard reports SMART error with i100 32gb

Hi I just got an i100 for my machine. Running dashboard it reports that there are no spare blocks for re=allocation it says threshold is 5% but currently showing 0%, short test and extended test fail because of this. Also it says firmware 11.50.00 is up to date yet google shows the latest firmware is 11.50.16, where can I get this firmware and is the SMART error because of out of date firmware?


i dont think the i100 is supported by the dashboard. these values may not be correct. 

Thanks for the info, toolkit reports no smart info, but Hddscan sees some smart values as does Dashboard.

SSD Dashboard does not support i100, so any SMART attributes displayed are just from a default list and probably wrong.


Thanks for Info.


I think some of the SMART attributes are correct like power on count and power on hours, also unexpected loss of power but dont know how accurate the other attributes like wear indicator which is showing 0.06%.

You are right. Some of the default attributes are shared across all drives, but some are particular to each one, so you can’t rely on the values.

If you want to pull SMART data, you could try one of the free programs like CrystalDiskInfo. Given the SSDs age, it may not report all factors.

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CrystalDiskInfo shows all the smart data and everything a-ok, probably best to use this in future for info, many thanks.

I have the same issue as the OP.  I’ve got a Sandisk i110 128gb ssd embedded (non-removable) in an Asus convertible laptop that is just about 1 year old. I downloaded the SSD Dashboard yesterday and ran it. Everything checks out great except for those two S.M.A.R.T errors saying the drive had 0% spare blocks remaining. It didn’t make sense given the young age of the drive/laptop, the fact the drive was not malfuntioning in any discernable way, and the fact that all other numbers looked great. For example, the dashboard also reports that there is 99% life remaining and the media wear out indicator reads just 1.6%.  It also says that there is 33.64 GB free space remaining.

The problem with this false warning is that it is likely causing some folks to go into panic mode and replace their SSDs and/or computers unneccessarily. It has likely also caused SanDisk to make warranty replacements when none were necessary.

I have downloaded Crystal Disk Info and everything looks fine in there. But it would be helpful if SanDisk could change their SSD Dashboard so it wouldn’t return the false positive warning.  A simple message thatt the drive being read is not fully supported would be more beneficial. The false positivies are likely giving some folks anxiety attacks and causing them to waste time tracking down solutions.

Thank you for your feedback, we will look into improvement on dashboard for these older drives, meanwhile please use other software like Crystal Disk Info for monitoring your drive statues.