SMART issue with Sandisk U100 128G

I think there are some issue in Dashboard with Sandisk U100 SSD(

  1. This SSD have no “Spare block” (according to maunal) so SMART id 232 is 0 fro the first day I using it, but Dashboard start to remind me to replace it with new one… (Also see the Id 230 is only 2.57%)

  2. SMART Id 241 is unreadable.

But anyway, thank you very much for the wonderful software :slight_smile:


I would also suggest to try the crystal disk info software that has a very analitical report of the smart attributes and provide a pic of it also, this software also calculates the health of the drive so you can see its still bad or not.

good luck

CrystalDiskInfo said its okay :smiley:


so in that case i would report that to sandisk technical support because i think i read somewhere that the new version of the ssd dashboard calculates the smart values with a wrong way so it states that the ssd has issues that is wrong.