Shuffle limit??

I have an 8-gig Fuze with an 8-gig MicroSD chip on which I have about 3,200 songs loaded.  I’ve noticed that when I use shuffle on the entire library, it never picks a song higher than about #1,800.  Is there perhaps a limit of 1,800 or 2,000 songs when using the shuffle feature??

I have an 8GB player and an 8GB card, both full with a total of 2301 songs. I had not paid any attention to which ones were playing or not until you posted this question. Actually, someone else posted a similar question but with 2300 as the target number a day or so earlier.

So for the past couple of days, whenever I’ve had the player on (and it’s always on shuffle mode) I’ve made a mental note to check on the track number while it’s playing.

I can now confirm that #1834, #1946, & #2014 has played without incident, so it may be that yours just hasn’t gotten around to those numbers yet in the algorithm.

I haven’t head #2301 yet, but that could take a while. :wink: