e280 Version V03.01.16A wont play songs above # 2000

I have the e280 with an 8 gig msdhc card which gives me a total of about 2800 songs. When I have the unit on shuffle it will not play songs above #200. Can any one help?   Thanks

  1. I assume you meant to type 2000 as in your subject, not 200 as I see in the body of your message.
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  3. I can’t for the life of me figure what why you’ve posted this in the Sansa Firmware Updater board, though. I would think the Sansa e200 series board would be more appropriate, wouldn’t you? :wink:

Now that the house-keeping is taken care of, on to your question. There are 2 known database limitations in the e200v2 series. One is a +/- 4000 total song limit (internal memory & external card combined). The player will not recognize or play anything above this (approx.) number. The 2nd is a +/- 2000 limit on the shuffle feature. The songs above this number will play manually (up to the afore-mentioned 4000 song limit), and I assume they will with the shuffle off and Play All selected, provided enough time is allowed for to reach those high numbers. It’s only with the shuffle on, that the limit is so . . . well, limiting.

Having said that, my own personal experience has shown that songs above #2000 DO play with the shuffle turned on. Just 2 days ago, song #2048 came up. I have also seen #2017, #2012, 2025, #2032 and others I can’t remember. I have not seen any above #2050 or in the 3000’s yet. Currently I have a total of 3225 songs on my e280v2 (8GB) and 16GB memory card.

Before you ask . . . yes, this could be ‘fixed’ with a firmware update (like they just did with the Fuze), but no, it’s not going to happen as the ‘E’ series is discontinued. There will be no further firmware updates.

One way to work around this ‘short-coming’ is to make a few different playlists, each totaling less than 2000 songs. Of course, to do this, you’ll need to make them .m3u format, which have no limit. However, the fly in this ointment is that you can have songs from one or the other memory source (player or card), but not both.

The other format of playlist, .pla can combine music from both memory locations, but is limited to 250 entries. So as you can see, there is no ‘silver bullet’ for this issue. It’s just something you’ve got to live with.


05/17/09 - #2037 just came up in the shuffle rotation.

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