Setup Problems

Just received my new Clip to replace a failing Fuze.

I first charged for 4 hours and tried to install setup disk. All h*** broke loose. Lots of new apps downloaded

like pc checkup, backup and no clue what else. Neither Firefox or IE  would open. Couldn’t even get to this

forum without restoring my PC to an earlier date. I also deleted everything downloaded today.

I’m freaked out and ready to return to Amazon. Am I being hasty? Is there a non techie way to start using the

player. I have not found simple instructions how to get started.

No install or setup disk necessary. It works out of the box. Just drag & drop (copy & paste) audio files from your computer to the Music folder on the player. Done. Relax & enjoy.

About as non-techie as it gets. :wink:

But here are the owner’s manuals you can read and/or download. You didn’t say which Clip model you have, but they’re all there.

It sounds like you were sent some bogus setup disc, possibly with malware. Glad you have rolled back your computer but also run a full virus scan on it. 

You should also complain to Amazon about the seller.  

What disk did you have and use?  As noted above, no disk is needed.  The only one I’ve ever heard of coming with the Clip is one that includes a Rhapsody paid music subscription service free trial (also available online) and possibly the user manual (available here as well).

It almost sounds like the disk was acting virus-like.  I’d avoid that disk like the plague.

Here’s a suggestion for that ‘install’ disk . . .

Yes -It was identified as Rhapsody subscription. However,probably

due to my ignorance additional apps were downloaded.

I recall one that indicated my firefox needed updating for faster music downloading?. Also, pc checkup and backup.

Of course, after problems were identified, I was offered a pay service to correct.

I tried deleting thru control panel but could not get back to my desktop till I did a restore

Thanks everyone for your advice. I now have the clip playing my music

If this was caused by Rhapsody, I had no idea that it is so (negatively) aggressive.    :(

Rhapsody would not install “checkup” or malware.They have a reputation to protect.

That is an evil seller on Amazon and it is important that you notify Amazon about the seller. Maybe the Clip was cheap so they could pull the software scam.

Use System Restore to go back to a few days before you inserted the disk. And then do a virus check. If you don’t have antivirus software, get the free Avast or the trial of Kaspersky or the online scan from Trend-Micro. But you really do need antivirus software.