please please please help me

ok, i just got a new sansa clip and i am trying to install the best buy digital music player, so i put in the little disc and start it up and then a window opens up and i click on best buy digital music player then i press next, then accept on the agreement thing, but then another thing opens up and gives me options like shortcut on desktop, open up best buy digital music player, etc. then at the bottom it says with these settings you must free up and additional 77.4 MB on the disk, and it wont let me click next untill i do that, and i have NO idea what i am supposed to do, so someone PLEASE help me, i cant explain how fustrated i am

I would avoid the issue altoghter and not install the Best Buy whatcha-ma-call-it. You don’t need it. If you’ve got Windows, you’ve got Windows Media Player, and there are also other media players like Media Monkey and Winamp that work well if you find you don’t like WMP. I would only trust a proprietary piece of software like that from Best Buy to give me grief.

I agree with the other poster.  I don’t ever install that extra stuff - you don’t need it at ALL. 

Heck… I bought the Sansa for the fact that in needs no software to manage it beyond an XP OS.  If you have gigs of MP3s to play with, just drag and drop.  WMP is fine if you want to manage.  But really, you don’t want the Best Buy Software.  They’re good at marketing, not software. 

ok, well the thing is, I bought one a week or so ago, and after just opening it up and dragging and dropping 9not using any managing system) all the songs skipped, so i figured i needed bbdmp or wmp or something so that the music wouldnt skip, but ok im gonna try wmp

I’ve experienced “skipping” on some tracks too. Must’ve just been a glitch in WMP or in the CD drive itself. I re-ripped and have had no problems since.

Drag’n’Drop in MSC mode I’m convinced, is the best way. This way YOU control everything, not Bill Gates or Best Buy!