Setting Music to play in sequential order when there is multiple cd's to one volume

New to Sandisk Clip+ - reading other posts on how to get my music to play in sequential order but am not following what they are saying… PLEASE SOMEONE HELP :neutral_face:

I have 56 CD sets (each set contains four cd’s) (each cd contains anywhere from 3-11 tracks)

I currently have them set up in windows media player as Vol. 1 - Disc #1; (tracks label 1-11)  Vol. 1 - Disc #2 (tracks labeled 1-11) etc  and then Vol. 2 - Disc #1 (tracks labeled 1-11 ) Vol. 2 - Disc #2 etc.

Of course this is not playing in any kind of correct order and I don’t know how to change it to get it to do that…

Oh, all albums are labeled with Title as Vol.1 - Disc #1 (etc up to Vol. 56 - Disc #4)

        all the artists are labeled the exact same (AIO)

        all the genre’s are labeled the exact same (children’s)

PLEASE, can someone walk me through step by step how to put these in the right way so they play in sequential order?? Thanks so much


Use a free tag editing program such as mp3tag to change the tags. For example the songs on disk one could be numbered 101 to 111, the ones on the second disk from 112 to 123, etc. With mp3Tag it should be easy to do.

Okay so I should label the tracks first in wmp then import them into Mp3tag? is there any quicker way to import than each album individually as I have 224 albums. :dizzy_face: Thanks.

What I do with mp3 tag is to open it  then have it open the folders where my files are. I make sure they are in the correct order, then I select all, and  use the autonumbering wizard and set it to start numbering from 101.

I give all the files the same album name, then I choose save tag. This takes less than a minute to do for each album. I use 3 digit track numbers when there might be some albums that have over 100 files. I start numbering at 101 so I don’t have to mess with leading zeros. The annoying thing is that many programs including Windows Explorer don’t display the leading zeros.

If you are going from CD to mp3 files, then you do need to import them–put the files on your hard drive as mp3–so WMP is as good a way as any.  That should get track name/number/artist/album title from online.

If you’ve already got them on your hard drive, then all you need is  mp3tag (and love of course).

The optimum way to use mp3tag is to set its defaults to make the Sansa happy. Go to Tools/Options /Tags/Mpeg and set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. (The ISO is the way letters and numbers are displayed, which is Windows style; Apple uses something different, UTF.)

Save that and you won’t need to touch it again.

When I have a multidisc set, here’s what I do. Open Disc 1 in mp3tag. Highlight all the files, make sure they are in playing order top to bottom (if not, hit the Track column header and they should be). Then use the Auto-Numbering Wizard and make the first track 101. Disc 2, 201. Disc 3, 301. You get the idea.

This is about a 10-second operation for each album. 224 albums seems like a lot–but you only need to do it for your multidisc sets. And the total time, once you get the hang of it, should be less than 45 minutes, which will save you a lot of annoyance afterward.