Serious problems, must be my blonde roots? Seriously, I need help, read here!

Alright, so I just forked over $30 on this adorable little thing for my best friend’s birthday and want to load it up with her favorite songs. But there’s one little problem… I can’t for the life of me get to the secret entrance where I plug in the USB cable! I know it’s the squishy end opposite to the external speaker but it seems the only way in is glued down. This makes me very sad, so please help me out!

The cap needs to be twisted off. The one that needs to be twisted is on the opposite side of the speaker grill.

Hope this helps.

Easiest way to open - place end opposite the speaker grill (the one with the white rubber end) in your palm.   Use friction of your palm to hold end cap and twist unit to open end…reverse to close (make sure it clicks closed).