I think my microsd card slot is broken...

If I have music on my card (even if its just one song) it won’t boot up. It will freeze after the sansa logo. If I insert it after its on it starts refreshing and never finishes. So far I have let it refresh for over an hour for one song and no dice. This card works fine on my clip+ and so do the mp3’s I am using. I can’t add music to it while its inside the player either as it never mounts the sd card. I get a message saying it can’t be mounted(osx). Also to top it off my player did not come with the correct cable, it came with a mini-usb cable instead of a micro-usb. It came new from amazon so I guess it was messed up at the factory.

Yeah, I’d say you want to contact Amazon for a replacement. They’re very good about that. Funny about the cable though; I’ve never heard of that one.

Yeah I requested a replacement and they sent one out, should be here tomorrow! The cable thing was extremely confusing. When I opened the box I was like “Didn’t they change the connector type? This is the same cord I use for my clip+…”. Luckily most of the other devices in my flat use micro-usb.