Went to register my new e250 and when I got to the serial number part of the form I had to do some searching, found out that you find it by removing the back of the player and then the battery, there are two bar code stickers, one beginning with “Sansa” and one with a combo of letters and numbers.

After calling tech support regarding which one to use (email too slow, my player was in pieces in front of me,-tick toc- chances of accidentally knocking it off greatly increasing -disaster imminent-!) I was informed to use the letter/number one.
Registration complete.
Thanks tech dude.

Ummmmmm not thanks tech dude…Seems the guy on the phone gave me some mis-information for the official word on which sticker is the Serial Number see update below…

Hope this helps someone and yes I did search this forum and others and the web and the box and the paperwork and the pdf user guide … maybe a serial number on the box or a sticker on the OUTSIDE of the player?

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hehe, yeah I ran into that problem as well. Did not know which one to use, so I guessed.

Guess I chose right then :smiley:


I almost did that (guess) since I was registering a 2gb Cruzer Titanium at the same time and it has the serial number in the same format (2 letters-4 numbers-4 letters) printed/engraved on the OUTSIDE of the case.

Glad I didn`t have to take that apart!

Haha, that would probably be a pain to do that! :smiley:


Quoted from an email response in my eBox/customer support from Mr Will A. himself after he told me it was the sticker beginning with Sansa e200 and I told him I was told over the phone it was the one that didn`t start with Sansa e200…“The other number is the product code number. The Serial Number is the one that begins with Sansa e200”

There you have it…final answer.

Got to go see if I can edit my registration now.