another nice occurence.

Ive had my fuze about a week. I dont have a case yet so I havent took it much of anywhere and have been very careful not to scratch it. Imagine my surprise when I now see the (product number?) coming off the back like someone scratched it. Upon further examination I rubbed the other half of it very easily with my finger. Just a note so maybe some day someone will get a player that isnt crap.

 Oh no. The serial number came off. Whatever shall you do? Without that serial number, you can’t ever: watch videos, view photos, listen to music, or listen to the radio. Your player is completely and totally broken!

I was just informing everyone if they want to keep it on dont sneeze on it. SMC crashes always for me no matter WHAT I do. So no, I cant watch videos.

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If it is the serial number, don’t sweat it. The sticker is temporary anyway. The serial number is electronically coded into the firmware of the device (in a hidden partition so you or anybody else can’t change, modify, or delete it). You can view it in the SETTINGS > INFO menu I believe.

EDIT: I bow to neutron_bob’s superior knowledge & intellect below in this matter. :wink:

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Don’t worry!  The serial number on the back is a batch code and color data only.  This number is used for service, as it’s readily accessible.

The device serial number is accessible by plugging in MTP mode.  Right click on the Sansa, and select Properties.  The serial number is the first 16 digits of that long string.

SanDisk has a wee problem with the new Fuze’s tactile rear coating: how to place a serial number on it.  Unlike the Clip, the sides of the case are very narrow, and laser etching the coating would not work very well.  So, the recessed area was used, with a wee decal.

What can I say?  It’s a sticker, subject to the elements.  Your Sansa will be fine without the decal if lost (you could keep it as a momento, in a safe place with the receipt).  SanDisk will take care of your device if need be, rest assured.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: