Clip Serial Number

I was going to register my Clip online and the page asks for the Serial Number. I assumed it would be in the settings/info area with the firmware. Sadly, no. I’ve seen on some other Sansa devices you had to take them apart to find the number. Can anyone tell me what I’m obviously missing? Thanks, -Mike

it should be engraved on the bottom of the unit

Also, I believe it shows in the device’s properties windows, via my computer (when the device is connected.)

Thanks for the replies. There are indeed numbers located at the bottom of the unit and in the properties dialog. Funny thing is they don’t match in any way that I can tell. The number within the properties dialog actually states “Serial number” so I guess that may be my answer. Again, thank you both!! -Mike

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Message Edited by mdwerne on 12-22-2007 07:40 AM

That is true to my knowledge – I just registered my Clip using the serial number from teh “Properties” dialog box of my clip.

For those that aren’t sure on where to find this info, follow these simple steps (these steps only work if you have the drivers for your clip installed)…

  1. Connect your clip to your computer.
  2. Go to -> Start>Computer
  3. “Right Click”  on your Clip
  4. Select “Properties”…and it will be about halfway down the box – with the name “Serial Number”
  5. Copy & Paste that number into the registration form and aWAaaY you GO!! :slight_smile:

I found it too engraved on the Clip but it’s not written down in my warranty. Would this be a problem if I return it to the store? (the battery only holds half of those 15 hours so I’m not happy with it)

The number engraved on the bottom of the Clip is not the “serial number”.  This is a production code.  I have several Clips, and the numbers are identical on several units of the same color.

The 32 digit “serial number” accessed from “Properties” is the actual unique ID number.  The first 16 digits are the ones you need; the trailing zeroes are there for entertainment purposes.

The e200 series has a removable battery.  SanDisk has affixed a serial number decal beneath it.  I find it quite humorous, as the unit has an ID available from the PC just like the Clip.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: