Part #?


I registered my new Sansa clip +.  It asks for part # and I can’t find one.  I wrote to support and they say it’s under the clip.  When I look under the clip all I can see is ‘made in china’ and  ‘model… clip +’. other then that I can’t find a part #.

I’m concerned if I don’t furnish a part # my warranty will not be effective in case I need to use it.


There is a small ledge on the back of the clip body that mates with the ledge on the movable clip. The part number is on the ledge. Turn the player over and looking from the bottom edge in, lift the clip to expose the ledge. My 2GB has a part number of BE0908BNQK-2GB.

As far as I’m aware, for your warranty, you only need your sales receipt, as proof of purchase date (al least in the U.S.).

Or you can connect the player in MTP mode, right-click on on your Clip+ icon in Windows Explorer and select Properties. The serial number will be displayed there. It’s a 32 digit number; only use the first 16 digits. Ignore all the zeroes after that.

Might be easier than getting out your Sherlock Holmes magnifying glasss to read the wee print on the Clip+'s backside underneath its clip.

Part number and serial number are two different things. And there are SKU, UPC and another number on the barcode area. Also, a model name. Quite confusing!

thanks tapeworm I’ve been trying to find that magnifying glass ha ha

Hi Tapeworm,

The product # on the back ledge of the clip + is not the same # when you go to properties.  The # you find in properties is the serial #.  What they want when you register clip is the # on the back.  Just figured I let you know.

I think either one would probably work for registration purposes. As a note, when you register it on-line following the links at the top of the pages here, the form asks for ‘Product Code’. Would that be serial #, part #, # on the back of the unit or what?

A little more detail or clarafication would be nice, but as long as you get it registered, that’s all that matters. Thinking back, I believe I used the serial # from the Properties when I registered mine back in November. Yesterday when I checked, it was still confirmed as being registered with Nov. 2010 as the warranty end date.