Secret playlist?

I got a Sansa Fuse for Christmas, and will be the first to admit that I know nothing about MP3 Players!  I finally was able to download songs from Rhapsody, very happy!  However, I have one, very serious issue.  Are there secret playlists that sometimes are not visible?  I have about 30 songs downloaded.  Sometimes the Fuse lists all 30, sometimes I seem to have access to only 10!  There apparently is an “external” place to save songs, and an “internal” one.  Not sure how this all works, but I QANT MY SONGS!!!  Can anyone help this seemingly stupid new user?

From page 17 in the Fuze+ User’s Manual:

Quick Tips:
1.  When on the home level menu, swiping vertically will give a preview of the content
contained in that area.  For example, the Music section will display the album art for
the 10 most recent songs played.  Videos, photos, and podcasts will also display
the thumbnails for the 10 most recently played files in those categories.
2.  No matter where you are in the user interface, pressing and holding the back
button  on the upper left corner of the touchpad area will return the device to the
home level.

Well, how do I get away from the “HOME” file, and listen to other songs on the player?

ok. that seems to have worked.

Thanks for your help.  I was getting really frustrated there.