Only shows ten songs!?

We just got my sister a sansa fuze+ for Christmas because we figured it’s cheaper and easier to use than an ipod. I’ve been dragging songs from from my itunes to the device (I have an apple computer) and the songs have been transferring. However, only ten songs show up on the device. Is there any alphabetical menu? The ten songs show up shuffled. The album artwork for other artists show up in the background, but I have no way to access those songs. This thing is very confusing. 

@nicolemarie91 wrote:

I have an apple computer

Well, there’s your problem :smileyvery-happy:


Here’s what I think is happening: your device is using kind of playlist that it created on it own accord. Here’s how you get out of that: press the arrow button on the left, so that you can change modes (music, photos, videos, ect.). Then, press the “middle button” (or whatever you call it), and you should be able to see ALL of your artists on your device. If you scroll to the left, you should be able to see ALL of your albums, genres, individual songs, playlists, ect.

Thank you so much!!!

No prob!!!

Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier.  When you navigate on the Fuze+ to Music, Podcasts, for example, there’s a cue displayed of the most recently played files.  This is represented by the intermediate-sized album covers.  It’ nice to be able to zip back to that song you were playing earlier.

A tap of the center of the pad brings up the complete list of available tracks.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: