How to play my own (created) playlists ? ONLY

I don’t see a clear demonstration or explanation of this topic, when I read the fuze+ manual, or am I missing something?

  1. Where are those playlists?

  2. How do I access those playlists quickly on the fuze+ ?

this might help

Thanks, but there is nothing in those .wma files that remotely helps me with my question.

Those are “how-to” videos that show various operating aspects of the machine. There’s one titled: 

Creating playlists and synching to the Sansa Fuze+ player using Windows Media Player 12


That did not help?

did you watch the one showing you how to create and sync playlists?

My original question has to do with getting the most out of this Fuze+ before I get fed-up and take it back for a refund.

Having read too many posts at this forum. Its been well established that The Fuze+ does not make use of Folders in its interface, many feel this is a HUGE drawback. Hence I have had to make a workable solution that suits me … using Playlists.
Unfortunately to access various Playlists is not an easy task, within the current operating environment. The Fuze+ manual also does a poor job explaining how.

Here is my simple step by step procedure that’s missing from the manual :

Playing Playlists:

  1. Start with " Music" graphical display
  2. Dbl. Tap center of crossing markings. (selects Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlists)
  3. Swipe 4 times to get to Playlists menu
  4. Choose a Playlist from the Playlists menu.

However, every first time user get confused between the Music graphical menu display and the Song which are currently playing display. Invariabley users endup displaying the Options menu. Is it not possible to have Playlists more readily available in the Options menu, and also allow the choice to turn on/off the following Option menu choices.
Rate Song, Shuffle, Repeat, Add Song To Playlist, Delete song

I think this would help make using the Fuze+ more enjoyable, and reduce the amount of excessive swiping.