SDSSDP-064G-G25 Intermittently freezes on Windows 7

I purchased this drive to become my Windows 7 Home Premium C drive. Every now and then the system freezes and I have to force a reset of the PC.  The BIOS post then hangs too, and I have to power cycle the PC to get the system to reboot.

The PC has an Intel DH67CL motherboard, and has the latest BIOS. Windows 7 is Home Premium that is fully up to date, and has all the necessary Intel chipset drivers etc. installed.

I actually bought 2 of these drives for our home PCs and installed the first on this PC.  When the problem occurred I tried a second drive and got the same problem. Firmware level is reported as 3.2.0 and up to date.

Any ideas please?


This is a very strange issue, can you try the ssd with another pc to see if the same issue occurs?

do you had this issues from day1 or was the drive working fine before?

if the drive became slower it can be that the trim function is not activated and needs to be activated.