SDSSDHP-256G HD freezes every few hours


I installed a brand new SDSSDHP-256G disk on my system, but sadly every few hours (at least once a day), the HD freezes for 20-30 seconds and then the entire computer reboots itself.
After each reboot, the SSD HD isn’t detected anymore by the BIOS (but all of my other “plain” HDDs are detected), and in order to detect it again I have to do a cold-boot (meaning, I have to turn my computer off, and then turn it on again).

Some details:

A. OS: Windows 8

B. Hardware: AMD FX-8320 CPU, 8GB DDR-3 (PC-12800), MSI motherboard with AMD 970 chipset, AMD Radeon 6570 video card and 4 hard drivers. The SanDisk SSD and 3 other Seagate 7200.11 disks |(1.5Gb each with SATA 3.0Gbs interface).

C. The SATA controller was first defined to work in IDE mode. I succesfully changed it to AHCI mode (in the BIOS + in the Windows) and I verified that it is indeed working in this mode using the “Device Manager”. However, this change didn’t improve the freezes/reboots issue at all.

D. Aftter each freeze->reboot, when the SSD isn’t detected anymore, the rest of the HDs are detected correctly.

E. I monitored my system health indicators and saw that when this issue happens, all of the relevant health indicators are fine (e.g. the CPU temperature and the system temperature are low, the CPU load is low and etc…).

F. In the OS power settings, I defined my computer to never shutdown the hard disk, but this didn’t helped (and anyway, this issue can happen even when I’m using the computer, not just in sleep mode). 

G. My PSU is Enermeax 80+ 525W. I measured my power consumption, in idle mode and in full load mode, and I found out that even in full load mode, the max power consumption is 270W, therefore it seems that my PSU is adequate.

H. I changed the SSD SATA cable + moved it to a different SATA port + move its power cable to a different rail in the PSU (this is a modular PSU, so I can connect the power cable to any power rail that I want) - but nothing helped.

I. In the SMART details, I noticed that after 2 weeks of use, the value of “power loss” key is 80 which seems extremly high to me.

J. I tried to update the SSD firmware to the latest version. I created a USB using the SSD smart tools utility and rebooted my system using it. However, in the page where I am supposed to choose the HD which I want to upgrade, my computer freezes (I tried that 5 times, and it freezed in the same page every time).

I will highly appreciate your help. Having a 24/7 online computer is extermly important for me. I purchased the SSD in order to improve the system performance, but since I installed it, my computer is usually down, waiting for me to turn it off and then on, in order to redetect the SSD…




Please forgive me for any spelling/grammar mistakes, as English isn’t my native language.

Do you have a wireless keyboard? The FW upgrade tool does not support wireless keyboards. That may be why you can’t select the SSD. If you have a USB or PS2 keyboard try using that to upgrade the FW. 

Also what SATA driver are you using? 


A. Based on your suggestion, I connected a wired USB keyboard (I was using wireless keyboard before) and tried again, but sadly it was the same (it freezes in the same screen).

B. I was under the impression that I’m using the latest drivers (since I updated them using the AMD driver detection utility).

I rechecked it again and found out that this utility is only for some of the drivers, but not for the SATA and USB 3.0 drivers…

I just updated the SATA driver with the latest version (v1.3.1.154) - Hopefully this will solve the problem.

However, I have to ask - Doesn’t Windows 8 supposed to work with SSD drives with the built-in original Microsoft drivers?

Best Regards


the drviers are for the SATA chipset not the SSD itself. The SATA chipset in your computer may not play well with the Win 8 drivers.