SSD freezes when attaching files

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the SanDisk forums.

I have been having issues with my SSD (SDSSDP-064G). When I attach a file via e-mail and send it to anyone, the SSD randomly crashes without showing any errors/bluescreens - my display simply freezes and I cannot do anything except pushing the reset/power button (sometimes it does not stop after an enclosure and keeps running smoothly though). Other than that, everything works just fine. I have my SSD set as a system partition (currently using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with Service Pack 1).

The problem itself isn’t that serious, but it starts to become annoying after a while since I have to try multiple times to send a file on e-mail. It doesn’t matter whether I want to upload a single package or a few files at once. I have already tried to fix it on my own and that’s what I found:

  1. I can send files/photos through Skype/Dropbox with no issues whatsoever (so my upload is fine).

  2. Switching/Disconnecting other HDDs from SATA ports does not help (I have been thinking that my motherboard could be causing trouble because of other disks that are connected simultaneously). I doubt that it is a board-related problem because using an e-mail is the only issue I have encountered so far and everything else seems to work well.

It would be nice to hear some other ideas cause not being able to use your e-mail kinda ■■■■■ Smiley Happy Thanks in advance.