SDRAM reports error in video camera and requests format in Laptop


i have an 16 gb  sandisk Extreme. I was working succesfully in my video camera.

after about 20% filming, the camera reports error and card cannot be read.

When i put the card in my laptop it prompts for “format?”

I gather the card has become damaged.

Q1 : can i get the data / videos of this card- if so how. i’ve tried to scan with Rescue Pro deluxe, and it does not seem to be able to  read anything. is this the best software for recovery?

Q2: If i format the sdram, will it totally wipe the card and then i will not be able to retrieve the data, or will i be able to scan with deluxe pro and retrieve the videos?



Problem Solved.

So here was how i resolved this and some suggestions for Sandisk/ panasonic.

So the senarios is as follows, the video recorder did not switch off on a couple of occasions when it was put back in the bag and recorded 2 massive recordings. My thought are that this corrupted the disk header.

Whenever it was put the SDram in the video camera , the camera flashed an error with card. When i placed it in a Windows system i requested a disk format. 

So on advice form one of the techies at work, i used Linux, yes, linux.

i created a bootable USB stick from this web site

Then booted from the USB stick  on a relativley new laptop (i.e. newer SD card probbaly)

Once the linux system had booted and i put the card in the laptop card reader, linux was able to read the full disk.

Why linux reads microsoft disk formats better than microsoft i cannot explain.

I would suggest that Sandisk create a Test Case to check what happens when  sandisk extreme attempts to full the whole drive and in particular using a Panasonic Video Recorder.


I hope this helps others.


all the best 


ps - Sandisk /RescuePro CD (not free) i downloaded these tools and was unable to get the application to read the drive.

There are several versions and was kindly pointed by LC technologies to various utilities. 

Im still shocked at how linux was able to read the disk without a problem.

How to create linux recovery USB stick