External and Camera Usage wont read.

I use my Sandisk Extreme SSD for my camera, the blackmagic cinema camera to be specific. It’s been working fine and reading in the camera and I export the footage using an external eSATA cord. Now it doesn’t read in my camera or through the eSata cord. It’s never been dropped or anything. The camera will register that something has been put in the SSD slot, but then it  loads for a second and says “no SSD”. When plugged into a eSatat cord the appears to start up and make a little ringing noise but nothing shows up on the desktop. Is there a way to reformat this card even it can’t be read?

I have footage on the card that I don’t desperatly need, I just fear If I fix this problem it will happen again when I have vital footage on my drive. Any suggestions?! 


you could try connecting it to a computer internally or using an external USB enclosure or cable to see if it is recognized and can be formatted. If not the SSD is bad and would need to be replaced. 

Thanks! That worked for me :slight_smile:

Hi Adam, just checking up on this. Was the tip above resolved this for you? Looks like you have a devtive one.