HELP. my 32GB extreme SDHC no longer recognized by computer or camera.

During my recent vacation to Disney World, I did alot of filming on a Kodak Play Sport with a new SDSDRH-032G-A11.  I did several days of filming without backing up the video on the computer when the camera stopped recognizing the card (showed a little yellow triangle over the SD image on camera.  I tried muliple attempts to send the data to my computer (using various card readers and the camera as a card reader).  Nothing works.  The computer does not recognized the SDHC card at all. 

I hope it isn’t fried as I would lose the entire vacations videos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  By the way, I updated the driver for my computers SDHC reader.


Is your card a Extreme SDHC or a Ultra SDHC card?

he is using an Ultra SDHC card

unfortunately if the card is no longer recognized in multiple devices then it is likely dead and would need to be replaced. Ultra cards should have a lifetime warranty so i would suggest contacting sandisk support 866-sandisk

Just got confuse since the title says the OP has an Extreme card.

Just got confuse since the title says that the OP has an Extreme card.

The card is Extreme (30 Mb/s).  Is that one lifetime garanteed too?



wait a second, I just did a google seach for the dsdrh-032g-a11 and only the Ultra showed up, the sticker on mine says extreme.  I got it off of eBay and the seller was from China.  Could it be that mine is a bootleg San Disk knockoff?   It did arrive in a somewhat generic looking package, not a San Disk package that made me a little suspicious when I received it. 

sounds like you bought a fake card. this happens a lot from china sellers on ebay. I suggest disputing it with paypal and getting your money back. just on a personal note I would never by anything from china sellers on ebay almost always fakes.