SDHC I Extreme 32gb - 45mb/s - Doesnt Work Anymore

Hi, I need your help.

I have a SDHC I Extreme 32gb - 45mb/s for 6 months, and was working fine until now.

When I put in my camera, didnt recognize as a compatible device. I use this card always in this same camera, but for some reason, is not working anymore.

When I try to connect the sd in my windows 7, windows ask to format, but dont give me the option to format in fat32. And when I try to format in another format, keep saying that is write protect, but is not.

I think that the card is overheating as well.

Someone, please, can help me?


The card will need to be replaced. Contact SanDisk Tech Support/Customer Service for an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) under warranty.

Thank you