Re: HELP! Unable to format Sandisk 32GB Extreme HC I

Hi there,

Not sure if anyone out there can help me with formatting my 32 GB extreme SD card. Been browsing the forum and the internet but so far no luck (tried SD formatter, disk management, all sorts)

I saw here a lot of topics about the micro SD having issues, is it the same with Extreme edition?

Any help is greatly appreciated…

If it won’t format, it probably is defective and needs to be replaced under waranty.

That sounds great, however how can I send a card back with 28GB of photos on it, that I am not keen in sharing with the whole wide world?

The company I bought the card from will probably not refund my money without returning the card, in other words, this buy was money down the drain.

It’s a real shame, as I used to trust your products until now but that is history.

Call SanDisk and talk to them about it. There have been people in the past with the same security and/privacy concerns (both with memory card and flash drives) where SanDisk authorized (gave them permission) to destroy the product and send the pieces in.