SDHC 8GB card - real or fake?

I bought an “online” new Sandisk SDHC Extreme lll 8GB class 6 card. It does not work shooting 1080p video, too slow. I think the card is a fake. On back it says KHLT 100606 8GB Made in Taiwan. I heard Sandisk cards are made in China, but not sure if they all are. Real or fake?

I would like to see the SanDisk site have more information about fakes, seems in there best interest to turn in sellers providing cards that are no good. Makes for bad reputation. Frustrating for camera owners. There is only one page,  Verifying if a SanDisk product is authentic. Contact tech support. I did and sent images. I got a form letter back. Had nothing to do with issue. More info online would be helpful.

Next time buy the card from a dealer that you know is reputable, then you can be sure the card is genuine. Class 6 might not even be fast enough for some video. I see that there are now class 10 and faster cards.

Class 4 should sufficient enough to shoot HD vidoes or 1080p. It might be that the card you have is not really a class 6 card. Might as well call tech support and they can tell you right away if your card is genuine or not. You can also do a benchmark test on your card  to see what class it is.

Test sounds like good idea. Always good to know what you have before the next step. 

Any steps or Web link that shows how to do a “benchmark test”. Does this take a program?

On Mac platform, but have access to PC.

@marin wrote:

On back it says KHLT 100606 8GB Made in Taiwan. 


This does not look like any code i have ever sen on a sandisk card. i would say it is probably a fake. you can always verify by contacting sandisk support at 866-sandisk

I returned card to seller:


on eBay

If I was SanDisk I would have a small team or person looking for these guys. US seller lists “more than 10 avaiable”.

If price looks too good to be true…

Verified with SanDisk card was indead fake.