Can I (or you, SanDisk) tell if a product is genuine or not?

i’d like to know if there is a way to check 100% if a product is genuine.

i’m looking at buying this. (SDSDXP1-032G-X46) (SanDisk 32GB Pro SDHC Extreme Pro SDHC SD HC High Capacity Secure Digital UHS-I Memory Card 45MB/s 300x Hi Speed Full HD Video Speed 32G 32 GB *AUSTRALIAN STOCK & WARRANTY*)

that company is listed as an VAR/resellers under:

but after talking to an asian fellow over the telephone, i feel somewhat uneasy. he had no idea about anything i asked, for example if it would work with the sony cybershot hx9v camera, if delivery was free, which it clearly states so on the website (see provided link) and some other stuff.

i want to know if i order it, will there be a 100% way to tell if it’s not not a fake/counterfeit item without sending it to sandisk usa hq?


May be OK, but given the fact that they cannot spell Authorized SanDisk Reseller correctly gives me pause.

the question i’m interested in, as per the title, remains unanswered.

can we as the end user (customer) tell if a sandisk memory card we buy is legit or counterfeit? i’m talking from anywhere, like another online seller, not the one i linked to, or even ebay.

i have no doubt you guys could, even if in a lab.

Yes,how can we identify if the sandisk we brought is genuine?Also confused.

“Pssst . . .  hey buddy!”

If you bought it from this guy, it’s probably not! :stuck_out_tongue: