Sandisk product verify


i want to ask you how to verify an original sandisk sd card.

i’ve read on web that sandisk is a popular copied brand in black market and so i want to know if is possible recognize an original product from a false one.

thank you. 

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Counterfeiters are pretty savvy these days. The best defense against getting a fake card is to buy from an authorized and reputable SanDisk dealer. You’re playing Russian roulette if buying off eBay. A lot of those are fakes out of China.

I believe the real SanDisk cards have a serial number on them. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not visble through the packaging.

If you follow this link, you’ll see counterfeit cards are a real concern and there are quite a few discussions on the subject here. If you read some of the threads, you’ll also see pictures or real vs. fake ones. If you already have a card, you can use the software h2testw to verify it is real and has no defects.

But obviously, it’s best to not get in the situation where you have a fake or counterfeit card in the 1st place. And that goes back to choosing who you buy from very carefully. :wink:

thanks for answer. i’m a reseller of these products and always i sell original products (imported by ufficial distributor), but to help customers and to diffuse the truth about memory cards, i was looking for a test or something similar to explain higher prices and demonstrate that a real reason is behind a serious seller and an original product.

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