genuine Sandisk

hiu, I just bought two 16gb micro SDHC cards from ebay

I was wondering, is there a way I can tell they’re genuine?


h2testw is a good software that you can use to check if those cards are genuine.

H2TestW will test if the card is any good.  It does not actually verify that it is a counterfeit.  It only provides a good test to see if the card is working properly.  You would still need to collect all the nearly microscopic letters and numbers on the card and call SanDIsk support to see if they can decode those numbers and match it up to being a valid SanDIsk product.  As good as SanDisk may be, even a faulty genuine card would fail using H2TestW. 

Having said all that,  you really need to consider the source of where you are getting the card.  If it is from eBay and the price is incredible it is most likely a counterfeit.  I have bought 4 cards from various online sellers (eBay and Amazon Marketplace Sellers) and ALL were counterfeit.  Fortunately, I was able to prove my case and got full refunds for all of them. 

I have also been vigilant on checking out eBay auctions and getting the auctions closed when the user states something in the auction that indicates the card is counterfeit.  For example, Kingston does not make a Class 6 32GB Micro SD card.  If you see an auction for a Kingston Class 6 32GB Micro SD card, it is a counterfeit. 

What I have seen in regards to these counterfeits is they appear to work initially.  Thus people are willing to post positive feedback for the seller before the trouble begins.  Sadly once the trouble begins, the buyer has already lost many pictures and files they thought were being captured and saved. 

If you are still inclined to buy a Micro SD card off eBay or Amazon Marketplace, be sure to test it as soon as you get it with H2TestW and call the supposed maker of the card with the numbers.  It has to pass both tests before you can feel safe that it is valid.

Amazon and Amazon Marketplace are different.  A card bought from Amazon directly is probably going to be a good card.  Amazon also allows individuals to sell items through Amazon and they are called Amazon Marketplace Sellers.  Buying anything from a marketplace seller is very similar to buying that item off eBay. 

ok well i dont actually mind just as long as they work, im usinbg both 16gb cards, so far , so good!


SanDisk genuine microSD must have serial number printed in the front, most Chinese fakes doesn´t have any number.

Here is a pic with a genuine card on the left and the counterfeit on the right, counterfeit was found on ebay and a customer sent it to us to make capacity and speed test, that card had 2GB of real capacity, was a hacked poor quality card.

You guys must compare ebay prices with the SanDisk web store, if price on ebay is 100% below Sandisk recommended prices there´s no need to be very clever to detect a fake.

Here are the photos:

There´s a pretty difference between each other, isn´t it?

hi thanks for the picture, interestingly, my cards came in the packaging that’s displayed on the right, but botrh of them are performing really well, I’m getting the right amount of storage and they seem to be A1. also the seller has them guaranteed for 5 years

Hi random_man,

Did you test your card with the H2Testw software? This soft will confirm the real capacity and speed of your card.

Should be interestingly to know the results.


This is another example of fakes being sold on ebay.

Here is a microSD HC 32GB at 44,00 EUR, obviously a chinese fake, this card probably will have 2GB and it´s hacked to display 32GB when checked under Windows.

microSD 32Gb fake on eBay

As usual , eBay do nothing agains this fraud sellers, so the easy way is to send an email to : with the item number and seller id. It´s done. As SanDisk joined de VeRo program on eBay they should remove this ebay item asap.

I bought a “SanDisk 16 GB Class 2 micro/SDHC Flash Memory Card” from an Amazon seller, but he’s also an eBay “power seller”.  The receipt I received has instructions for product return.  The small plastic case the microSD card came in also included an “SD Adapter” with a lock switch to securely hold the micro card, but there are no other ID numbers on it.  The back of the adapter reads “2010-10-11 Made in China” (but what electronics aren’t made in China these days?)  

The microSD card works fine in a new LG Octane VN530 cell phone.

After connecting the microSD card to the Adapter, I slide both into a Zeikos SD/MMC High Speed reader (SDHC compatible), which I bought with my Canon digital SLR camera–it works perfectly with that.

But when the whole assembly, microSD card, Adapter, Zeikos reader is plugged into my Mac Pro (2010), it isn’t seen.  A driver for this kind of device is usually unnecessary, but is this setup an exception?   Do I need a driver?

Any ideas appreciated,