Genuine or not ?

I have received a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32Gb SD card recently. I have already registered it with Sandisk.

How can I check whether it is genuine or not ?

I emailed Sandsik during business hours,  the code number and got reply within half hour.

That was quick .The card was indeed genuine 

Could you please tell me what the code number was? I spoke to “chat” tech today re same thing. I believe what I gave him was what you are referring to, or product ID:  SDSDQU-032G-U46A.

I was told the only way I could find out is by telling him what the serial number is on the back of the SDHC card itself.


You can use software ReadCID.exe to extract the CID information.

I also have same questoin. I just bought SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro 280/mb 64GB few days ago.

I worry is a fake product. I extracted the CID info as below (Can someone who own the same SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro 280/mb 64GB to run the ReadCID.exe and verify the result?)

Raw CID Bytes: E3-00-96-54-A2-52-80-47-34-36-50-53-44-53-03-00

Manufacturer ID: 3
Product Name: SP64G
Product Revision: 8.0
Product Serial Number: 52a25496
Manufacture Date: 3/2014

Raw CSD Bytes: 00-40-0A-80-7F-3F-D7-01-00-59-5B-5A-00-0E-40-00

CSD Version 2 bit value: CSD Version 2.0
Data Read Access Time 1 (TAAC): 1ms
Data Read Access Time 2 (NSAC): 0
Max Data Transfer Rate: 50Mbit/s
Card Command Classes: 010110110101
Max Read Data Block Length: 9
Partial Blocks For Read Allowed: False
Write Block Misalignment: False
Read Block Misalignment: False
DSR Implemented: False
Device Size: 7
Max Read Current @ VDD Min: 5mA
Max Read Current @ VDD Max: 200mA
Max Write Current @ VDD Min: 1mA
Max Write Current @ VDD Max: 200mA
Device Size Multiplier: 14
Erase Single Block Enable: True
Erase Sector Size: 128
Write Protect Group Size: 1
Write Protect Group Enable: False
Write Speed Factor: 4
Max Write Data Block Length: 2^9
Partial Blocks For Write Allowed: False
File Format Group: False
Copy Flag (OTP): False
Permanent Write Protection: False
Temporary Write Protection: False
File Format: 0