Memory corrupted

Hi. i have memory sandisk extreme 32GB 30MB. i used at my DSLR Canon 600D. I am a wedding videographer.

Last week i used at wedding job. After finish shooting i going back home to transfer all my video file to my PC. And then suddenly after about 10% transfer, the massage appair that the card must be formatted. i choose cancel rather than format. I install sandisk software recovery and than i recover my memory card. The file recover full but when i want to play cannot be play. the saiz was the same but cannot be used. the file format was ( .MOV ). The sandisk memory card that i used was only 5 time on my shooting. can someone help me. or sandisk have wwarranty. thank you

Data loss is always bad. Unfortunately you are in the forum about Sandisk Extreme SSD drives with SATA-interface for desktop and notebook computers and as far as I know the Canon 600D does have an SD-card slot but no SATA slots/interfaces.

Therefore I assume you are in the wrong forum.

BTW: Even if your data is lost the SD-Card may still be functional - sometimes the problem is on software level. Additionally warrenties usually do not cover lost data - only the stat storing device itself.

If the images are important make a raw copy of the SD-card and send it to a data recovering service.