SDPA3AD-016G cannot be recognised at all is there any way to do this?

Hi I expect there has been quite a few posts about this already but I thought I would try my luck to see if I can get any assistance.

I purchased the above little SSD to replace the CF->ZIF adapter in my HP2510p notebook, it hasn’t worked in that machine at all (I know the recommended advice for someone else was to contact dell - which is no help for me firstly because I dont have a dell + the fellow didn’t come back and say what dell recommended)

I am just looking for a bit of advice regarding these drives, I have put it in a USB zif enclosure and windows can see a drive but states “no media”,  and the post answer referenced above stated it is an OEM product so not sandisks responsibility - does this mean that usually a manufacturer will buy these and fit them to their missles, fake ipods etc and somehow initialise them?  this is the second one of these “bare ssds” I have tried and I sent the first one back as it basically had the same issues.

If I was to buy a “non bare ssd” would this work straight out of the box,  or can I get a tool to format it or something?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. 

The hp2510p only has an ATA 100Mbs bus which is why I dont mind having one of these slow ssds.

The short form is I don’t think so. OEM ssd seem to the “red-headed stepchild” that no one wants to acknowledge- the ssd supplier says “talk to the pc company”, while the pc company says “huhh?”.

I have the similar Sandisk SDPA1AA-016G ZIF ssd (it looked perfect for a project) & I’ve only gotten it to work in a ZIF/usb adapter. For most drives I use in the adapter, both ZIF connectors face each other & I use a ZIF cable with contacts that face down towards the circuit boards- I can see both conn. This Sandisk needs a “ZIF flip cable” - contacts are up on one end and & down on the other. It still goes contacts-side towards the circuit boards, so the ssd ends up “flipped over” (ie, you can only see the ZIF conn on the adapter, not on the drive). So in order to use this drive in any pc besides the original (Dell?), I need to find/make a ZIF “flip-extension” cable- which doesn’t exist.

If your pc has a proprietary hdd cable to your ZIF drive, then you’re likely outta luck. If it use a ZIF conn on the mobo, then you could try a ZIF flip cable.