SANDisk SD7TB3Q-256G-100G


Having some issues with Win8.1 freezing as if the SSD has suddenly stopped writing.  Read that it’s prob best to make sure my SSD fw is up to date.  Trouble is I cant for the life of me find applicable firmware for my model as above. I got it in a HP 6555b laptop.  Laptop is fully up to date as per HP latest drivers/fware and it was working fine before with a SATA HD.

Have tried running the SANSA updater, but it fails to install while checking Internet connection maybe coz Im using a proxy and its not a very smart installer!  Also tried using the Sandisk toolkit, but thats no use either.

Any help please?


sorry the laptop model is 8460p

this drive came installed in the computer and is an OEM only product. All support for this product is handled by the host manufacturer. Please contact HP for support.