Firnware issue sdssdhp-256GB


Hoping someone can offer some advice. I have the above drive which shipped with firmware X2316RL, support suggested I update the firmware to X2306RL - when I try to do this through a cd manual boot option the software reports no update for this device available.

Support yet to clarify why I can’t update the firmware - this is a brand new drive to

Anyone else had this trouble?


Hi choppersrock,

First I would like to welcome you to the SanDisk Forums. The FW version X2316RL is the latest FW that the Ultra+ SSD. The FW updater is only offering X2306RL due to a issue that can occur when upgrading from X2306RL to X2316RL in ATA mode. Since upgrade from 230 to 231 must be done in AHCI mode to prevent possible issues 231 is not currently being offered via the Firmware updater. We are working on a resolution and hope to offer 231 via the Firmware updater in the future. 

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Hi. Thanks for your response. I think between myself and support there is confusion.

if my drive is on version 231.why would i need to put 230 back on it. Is not version 231 more up to date??


You do not need to change the FW on your SSD. You are running the latest version. Do not install 230 as this will be a downgrade for you. 231 is the latest FW version. I have sent a note to the support agents manager to make sure they are updated on this issue. 

Thanks! - I thought this was going in the wrong directon  :smileyvery-happy:

Continuing to work on my bsod issue  which I believe is not due to the ssd following some further work.