The faq says it supports MicroSD cards for expansion and is adding SDHC support sometime in the second half of 07.
Two questions:

  1. is the firmware upgrade out yet.
  2. All the SDHC cards out there aren’t in the MicroSD form factor… So when the update finally drops, can i actually use an SDHC card.

Hello magnum_opus, welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community.

1.) As of now, the SDHC firmware upgrade for the Connect has not been released. Whenever you listen to your music wirelessly, the Connect will always check and see if you have the latest firmware update. If you listen wirelessly often, you will be getting the firmware updates shortly after they’ve been released.

2.) No, you cannot use a standard SDHC card as it will not fit into the MicroSD card slot. Once the SDHC support has been added, your Connect will be able to use MicroSDHC cards.