Will an 8 gig micro SD work in the Sansa Connect?

I have my unit for about a year. Will the 8 gig work?

Yes.  I had an 8GB microSDHC earlier this year (have since sold it) and used it with my Connect.

I think 8GB microSDHC might be the maximum size.  I’m waiting for a response from SanDisk tech support to confirm this.

Just an FYI; SanDisk confirmed that an 8 GB microSDHC card will work in the Connect, and 8 GB is (currently) the maximum.

Well, actually SanDisk now says that the Connect will take a 16GB microSDHC.  But this was after a bizarre exchange of emails in which SanDisk also claimed (in chronological order):

  1. The Connect can only take a 2GB microSD card.  I then told them about the firmware update, and they said basically “oh yeah, firmware update, it can take an 8GB microSD card.”

  2. The View is the only Sansa that can take a 16GB microSDHC card.  When I pointed out that their own website says that the Fuze can too, they basically said “oh yeah, the Fuze also.”

  3. They tested the Connect, and it can take a 16GB microSDHC card.  This was after I noticed that they updated their website yesterday to indicate this.

So take this all for what it’s worth.  The employee I was communicating with didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.  For all I know, they may have tested the Connect with a 16GB card, but filled it less than half way.

Thank you so much. Do I need to update firmware for the 8 gig or 16 gig to work?


The firmware which provided microSDHC support was released in Nov 2007.  You need these versions or higher (see the Settings -> System Info screen) :


Your firmware should upgrade automatically if you connect to Internet Radio or Flickr.  If it doesn’t, you can use the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool (http://www.sandisk.com/Retail/Default.aspx?CatID=1532), though this will erase the contents of your Connect.

8GB will work, but I don’t feel comfortable with that info I received from SanDisk regarding the Connect’s ability to use a 16GB card, so I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying one just for your Connect.

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very helpful information…thanks. :robothappy: