Micro SDHC Support for Sansa Express

Bigtime feature add request…please please please!!!

I just love SanDisks participation out here, so great!

i have heard that there will not be SDHC support for the SE, maybe if there are alot of requests this will change.

Does SDHC support only require a change to the firmware?  If so, then I would think it would DEFINITELY be in SanDisk’s interest to update the Sansa Express since a larger removable storage capacity for any device is always a VERY big selling point, and these devices are still on their current product listing.

If they need more people to pester them to add the feature, add me to the list ;-).


People from support told me it doesn’t depend only on firmware; that it’d be a hardware limitation.
But I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally don’t believe!
Because Sansa Connect got a firmware update and now is compatible with microsdhc and so some digicams!!!
Ah! And I’ve heard some kind of unofficial firmware for the e200’s makes them compatible too. (But if u install them you void ur warranty - I am NOT stimulating anyone to install that!)

For a SDHC compatibility on the player, you need three things.

1.) The hardware capable of reading and writing to SDHC cards. This cannot be changed or updated through a firmware update.

2.) The card reader in the device has to have firmware capability of reading and writing to SDHC cards.

3.) Lastly, the device itself has to have the ability to read and playback from an SDHC card.

If you are wondering what the difference is from Number 2 and Number 3 is, if the reader is capable of reading/writing to an SDHC card, but the device is not capable of playing it back, the card would be properly detected on a computer like a card slot, but the device won’t be able to playback the files from it.

I hope this clears things up.

With the Rockbox firmware, the c250 is able to use SDHC cards.

So, unless the MicroSD slot for the c250 and Express are drastically different (which I highly doubt) then the Express SHOULD be able to support SDHC cards.

I don’t get it… does Sandisk NOT want us to pay MORE money for LARGER memory cards ?

Also, for a lot of people, the fact that they can’t use SDHC cards is a reason NOT to buy the Express… soSandisk loses more money there.

Why not let people use SDHC ?

Doesn’t this mean Sandisk will make more money ?

The work of one firmware programmer for a few weeks can’t be more than the potential profit margin.

I would really appreciate this added to Sansa Express. I didnt realize when I purchased the drive that there was a difference between microSD cards. I would love to pay for an add 4 gigs to this device for recordings alone