SDHC card

I’ve had two Sansa Fuze+ 8GB devices in the past two months!

The first one did not keep the time and date when turned off and back on again.

The replacement does fine in this area…but something I just noticed today is that it does not recognize my 8GB SDHC micro card, where the other one did.

Is this a defect in the product or does the acceptance of SDHC cards vary among the same devices??

When I hook the player up to the computer, Windows Media Player acknowledges that the card is inserted and shows me what’s on it. However when I go onto the Fuze+ itself, it’s not showing anything on the card.

I’m getting kind of frustrated with this brand of MP3 player! Can someone tell me what’s going on here? Is it possible this device won’t read SDHC where my other exact same one would?

I was hoping to see others reply to your post.  I have two Fuse+ 8GB and there are three other Fuse+8GB in my house. I had any issue that may shine some light on yours issue.

 I ordered and received a 16GB Class 4 micro card at the lowest price I could find.  My first unit already had an 8GB card. I installed the card into my 16GB card into my second unit.  The Fuse+ did not recognize the card.  I put the 16GB card in the first unit.  It too did not respond to the card.  I put the card in an adapter and put it into my PC running Vista.  The computer would show that it was reading the card, but would never finish.  I tried this on the computer six or more times.  I have second computer running Vista.  I was able to read the card on the second computer and write to the card.  I could not format the card at that time.  I was still not able to read the card with the first computer or two Fuse+. 

I installed the card in the other Fuse+.  Two of them were running the same firmware.  I got the same result.  The Third unit had not been upgraded.  I purchased this one on the same day I purchased my second unit.  It indicated that the card needs to be formatted to FAT32.  I took card back to the second computer and was able to format the card to FAT32.  I am now able to read the card on my second Fuse+.  It seems perfect.  I have noticed that my Fuse+ does not store the info of books read from the card. For this reason I will not store books on the 16GB card. I am still not able to read the 16GB card on my first computer.

My guess is that you may have had a different firmware version on your first player.

I did email my problem directly to Sansa help. They told me to Format my player and download the firmware again. I formatted the player, hooked it up to the computer, and asked it to update firmware. Nothing happened, so I assumed it was already running the updated firmware I put on it when I exchanged it.

Anyway, it DID solve the problem, surprisingly enough. It is now reading my 8GB microSDHC card just like the other one did. Of course, you have to re-syn all the music again, but I’m glad this solved the problem!

(My computer has issues reading these SDHC cards…the computer’s too old, I guess! I have to use my son’s computer to load anything onto the card.)

I’m not sure what this “last 10” feature is useful for but I bugs me. For 99% of the time I play all the tracks on my Fuze+ using the shuffle-all+repeat mode. If I go to the Radio, listen for a while, then come back to Music then what I get is a list of “last 10” which means nothing to me. I have to again go into Songs and start the random play to get all the tracks back in rotations.

I don’t have hard evidence but it seems to be biased to play certain tracks while others never get picked. Most likely it uses a simplistic:

  1. make a numbered list of all songs
  2. pick a random number and play that song in list
  3. goto 2

Instead a better approach would be

  1. make a numbered list of all songs
  2. pick a random number and play that song in list
  3. remove track from list and renumber
  4. if list not empty goto 2 else goto 1

If backward traversal of the random picks is needed then keep a list of tracks played until list of all songs is emptied. More so this behavior is aggravated by the fact that I have to restart the list every time I need to get out of Music (see above post).

Also the list would be maintained as long as songs are not added/removed from the Fuze+. Thus if I restart after going into Radio it will not play the previously played tracks until all other songs were played.

IDK about you guys, but it seems to me that the “Most Recent” list never really works with video. It only picks a few from the top of the list. I wish it would pick vids from everywhere, so that those who want to watch a video that starts with “O” don’t have to sort through all the A’s, B’s, C’s, ect. to get to the vid they want.