Why won't it play music on microSD card?

It actually will play music I’ve put on the microSDHC card, provided there is no music in the internal memory. I just verified that.

If there is music in the internal memory, it will only play that music and ignore the microSDHC card. Confirmed by hours and hours of playing “all” music.

What gives? I don’t remember this being a problem before.

Manually reinstall the latest firmware. Sometimes the firmware in the player becomes corrupted. Never insert or remove a card while the player is on. Use Sandisk class 4 micro SDHC cards for the best compatibility. Cards faster than class 4 are likely to cause issues. 


OK. I didn’t verify things well enough. It played ONE song on the microSDHC card, but there were hundreds. Today, I realized the darn thing was only playing that one song.

You didn’t give us enough information. What formats are the files on the card? 

did you try manually reinstalling the player firmware? Sometimes the firmware in the player becomes corrupted. Don’t insert or remove a card while the player is on. USe Sandisk class 4 cards for maximum compatibility. 

Cards faster than class 4 are likely to cause issues. Some other brands of cards might give issues, even if they are class 4 or slower.



Is that enough?

The player will only access the first song transfered to the microSDHC card. It will not recognize any others moved to that card.

Tested in both MTP and MSC modes.

It plays fine from internal memory.

I reinstalled latest available firmware. This didn’t change a thing. It will only access/recognize/play the first song copied to the microSDHC card.

Which card are you using? Is it faster than class 4? If so, then try using a class 4 card.

This isn’t something I just picked up today. I’ve had the device and the card for years. It’s worked in the past.

Do you have another card you could try in the player? That way you could figure out if it is a card problem or a problem with the player.

When you try to view the card contents on the player using the folders menu, do you see all the songs on the card, or just some of them? If the player shows many songs on the card, what happens if you try to play them? 

I’m trying to figure out what is going on, however you give so little information, so it is hard to figure out what is going on. I had two Fuze players a few years ago, but no longer have them. 

If you have copies of all the songs on the card also on your pc, I suggest that you set the USB mode on the player to MTP, connect the player to your pc, and delete all the files you see on the card. Disconnect the player, change the USB mode to MSC. I found that  having any MTP transferred files on card memory caused strange problems. 

I can copy hundreds of songs from the Windows PC to the microSDHC card.

They all remain visible in Windows Explorer.

Only the first song copied onto the player is visible on the player. It is also the only song that will play.

As I said, I tried this in both MSC and MTP modes. No difference.

I assume I can buy another microSDHC card. Class 4, 16 GB or less, as far as I know.

This is the 1st revision of the Sansa Fuze.

“As I said, I tried this in both MSC and MTP modes. No difference.”

When you tried putting MSC trasferrred music on the card, did you first make sure to get rid of all the MTP trasferred music? 

Trying a different card is a good idea. You could use a 32GB one.  I suggest getting a Sandisk class 4 card sealed in the retail package from a trustworthy dealer. These are very cheap now. 

You also didn’t mention how many songs you have on the player. If you have an 8GB Fuze and have your music at a low bitrate(some have even used 64kbps), then it is possible that you might have over 5,000 songs in internal memory. While the song limit on the Fuze is listed as being around 8,000, if you have long tags, long song titles, heavily nested file structure, or large embedded album art, the song limit might be much less. 

Do your song files use embedded album art? The album art for my songs is not embedded in the tags, but instead is in a separate folder.jpg file that is in the folder that contains the album.

It’s probably the database limit as explained above.  Scroll down Albums or Artists and see if it stops before the end of the alphabet. 


Are all the files .mp3, .flac, .ogg or .wav ? 

The Fuze will not play .m4a files (iTunes files), and it won’t show any file it can’t play.

If you are using iTunes you can highlight the .m4a files, right-click and Create mp3 Version. But then you’ll have to find them wherever iTunes hides them…

So many responses would have seemed helpful years ago, when these products were new an people knew less about them. But I’ve had the thing for years, and have obviously been using it. Once it stopped working the way it always had, I’m not inclined to suspect I had suddenly forgotten how to add music, what type of music it played, or how much music the thing would hold. Again, I’ve had it for years.

The micro SDHC card was bad. I bought a new one, 8 GB SanDisk class 4, and it does not exhibit the same problem. The player “sees” every song I put on it.

So there it is.

I did suggest earlier to try a different card.

I check every card I buy with h2testw.


Sorry for this but why ask for help if you don’t bother to read the advice given or are determined to ignore them? JK98 suggested that you should try another card in his first post and then repeated the advice several times without any feedback from you. Why not follow the advice given instead of ending up complaining about the very helpful and experienced people trying to assist you? It just seems a bit unnecessary to me.

Of course I read his advice. I simply wasn’t able to get a card fast enough. It was good advice.

I’ve only noted the way in which many people made some pretty bold assumptions that should have been too unlikely to mention, given the age of the product and the years I’ve had it. Seriously, how likely is it that I just forgot what type of music it played?

None of which is the sort of thing one should be getting bent out of shape over.

Although nothing in your original posts offered any inkling of your incredible expertise…which apparently did not extend to figuring out the simple possibility that the card might be bad…you’re welcome. Have a nice day. 

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