micro SD card usuage

Hi there.  I have a Sansa Fuze 4gb video/mp3 player.  I recently bought a 4gb micro sd card to use with the player.  I put some videos on the sd card as I don’t have much space left on the player itself.  When I have the sd card plugged into the player and don’t have the player plugged into the computer, how do I get the player to read the sd card so that I can watch the videos?  The same goes with music being on the sd card as well.  How do I listen to the music from the sd card?

My experience is limited to music only.  I have the same setup, 4gb card.  I copied my album folders over the SD card and the player just sees them as an extension of itis internal storage music folder. Other then loading the music on the card with file explorer i really did nothing.  Hope this helps.


Your Fuze will automaticly see all music and vids that are on your microsd card as being in its library, nothing special is needed.

I’m still not getting it.  sorry!!  I put music and videos on my sd card and then plugged it into my fuze player and put the headphones in and was ready to listen to music and watch the videos.  but I still can’t seem to get the player to read the sd card.  I don’t know where in the settings to go to access the card or what to do.  help please!!

When you look at the music list do you see a little Icon next to the titles? If So those are the ones on the Card. When you put the videos on did you use Sansa Media Converter? What I would suggest is that you format the card. Then While its still blank Plug it in to your player. Then Add music by using Windows media player or Media Monkey, then use SMC to convert the video onto the card.

Did you push the card all the way in? It should click in. Also, you can’t just copy videos to the card and then put the card into the player. Sansa players are VERY picky about what kind of video they’ll play, so most vids need to be put through a conversion program first (new Sansas come with Sansa Media Converter, but there are better programs that do the same thing with some tweaking).

Sorry to add a supplementary question but it’s related. Does the Fuze definitely support SDHC all the way up to 16GB and 32GB?


As confirmed on a number of threads on this subject, the answer seems to be a simple “Yes”…


ok, I’ve got it figured out.  but, when I’m playing a video on the fuze player from my micro sd card it freezes and I can’t do anything but take the sd card out and push it back in again in order to have control of the player again.  but when I go to play the video again it does the same thing.  so I experimented some, I copied the video off of the sd card and put it on the player itself.  I played it and it didn’t freeze at all and played wonderfully.  why is the card being like that?

There may be several causes for the freeze. What kind of card is it first off? There have been some issues reported with Kingston Cards and Videos. It could also be due to readability of your card. Is the card new? If not check the contacts and try using a Qtip to clean it off. It may also just not be able to process the information fast enough off of your card do you happen to know what class the card is?

it is a Kingston 4gb card.  I don’t know what class it is.  music plays fine off of it.  what I may do is put all of my music on the card itself and then just put videos on the player.