Memory card question?


I thought of one more question! The memory card!  When I get one do I just plug it into the card slot and then my 4 GB Fuze will become larger capacity unit? Do I need to do anything? How do I use the added room with the card? I just rip CD’d to my computer then download them to the Fuze mostly so far… Also what card? SDHC  or micro SD? Any pointers how to use the card in the player would be great. Thanks! George

The Sansas use the Micro SD or SDHC cards. Your computer will ‘see’ your player and the card as 2 separate & distinct drives. You must load the music on this way too. Once your player gets full, start loading onto the card. I usually leave a few hundred MB’s free on the player’s memory so if/when I get another album by an artist that’s on the player, I can add it to the same folder, rather than having 2 albums on the player and 1 or more albums on the card by the same artist.

Your player, however will see the music on the card and play it seamlessly with the music already installed on the internal memory. You’ll notice though, that there will be a small icon next to the songs on the card in your player’s menus.

Someone else said they prefer to put music on the card, books & podcasts on their player.  So it’s up to you.  I’m putting all my music on my player with other items on my memory card.  I do plan, however, to put Christmas stuff (music, video, etc) on a memory card so I can easily remove it after and use it next year but not have christmas music on my player all year long.

I use Windows Media Player to put things on the card.  It’s easier that way.  I right click the item in My Computer or Explorer and then choose “Add to Sync List” and then sync to the card, changing the Genre to Podcast or Audiobook or whatever. 

Thank you both for the reply! Now I have a good idea how they work together and know they take both cards!  George